Our Founder


Burcu Gündoğar Urfalı

Founder of Bug Uniform

Burcu Gündoğar Urfalı was born in Istanbul on August 31, 1988. She has completed her primary and secondary education at Feyziye Mektepleri Vakfı Işık School (FMV). During her college years, Burcu has pursued her interest in the fashion industry and was strongly determined to have a career in fashion design. She obtained her double major master’s degree at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), New York in 2011, after graduating from the Istanbul Technical University (ITU), Faculty of Textile Technologies and Design. Burcu was the first Turkish student to receive the “Critic’s Award” with her graduation project at FIT.

Burcu’s versatility and her numerous talents, as well as her passion for excellence has enabled her to achieve many successes beyond her career. She was a former national skier with many awards, a talented piano player besides her singing. She always had a refined taste which brought her praise in her profession. Her visionary abilities were already visible early in her childhood and was a key contributor to her professional achievements. Yet, what made her shine was her genuine humility which was always her defining quality versus her numerous achievements.

Burcu has started her proffessional career working with Hakan Yıldırım. Through this opportunity, she had various international experience that helped her to broaden her vision. She has received many recognition from Hakan Yıldırım’s fashion shows. She was a very successful executive director at Hakan Yıldırım when she has decided to set up her own company, “Bug Uniform” in 2015. Bug Uniform has rapidly developed its brand, thanks to her innovative, sophisticated and diligent steps.

She has always emphasized that “Our difference is in our details.”

Burcu was never the one to focus on minor details. She has demonstrated her unique touch in every project she has realized. She was a result oriented person, an entrepreneur who was strongly attached to her values and social responsibilities. Her goal was to present advanced level of products, designed with advanced techniques. She truly loved her profession. She had many dreams for the future.

Tragically, a plane crash on March 11, 2018 has taken Burcu from us. We all know that she would be so proud and happy if she could have seen that everything she has achieved in her short life is delicately nurtured and progressing today. And that’s why we continue to work very hard at our company, every day and follow the path that her light illuminates.